Business Incubation. What is Business Incubation? Start-up Companies, Entrepreneurs
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Some answers to your most frequently asked questions about  our process and becoming a Manitoba Technology Accelerator member company.

Who do you work with?

Science or technology-based opportunities ranging from back of the napkin idea stage, up to firms with under $1 million in revenue needing some management help.

Do I need to be a biomedical company?

No. Although we make a special effort to work with biomedical opportunities, we welcome any business premised on science or technology.  If you are developing a computer program or have an idea that can be patented, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you.

How can Manitoba Technology Accelerator help me?

We customize our services to help you be successful.  If you are at the idea stage, we can develop your business plan.  If you are further along, we can help implement and execute the strategies and tasks required to reach success.  Every one of our clients needs a different mix of help, and our job is to ensure we lay out a clear path to success and help our clients get there.

Will you sign an NDA?

Yes –  but not at our first meeting.  When we first meet, we do not want you to tell us anything proprietary.  The best scenario is that the Intellectual Property is protected through a patent prior to us meeting.  We will however sign a NDA once we start asking for confidential information.  We have signed NDAs in place with all our clients.

How do I pay for the program?

The monthly program cost is $1000.  If cash is a problem, we can accept debt notes as payment for the program.  Every month our clients using the debt note model sign an “IOU” for the services they receive .  As an investor in your company, The Accelerator also takes a 5% equity position if you decide to continue working with us after a 90-day period.

When do I repay the debt note?

Repayment is pretty clear.  We work together to identify the success events that will trigger the debt note to come due.  Once your company earns an agreed amount of revenue, or secures an agreed amount of investment, repayment is triggered.  As partners in your success, we have a keen interest in seeing our clients be successful.

Have you been successful?

Yes.  Although we don’t have any home runs yet, eight companies have exited the Accelerator program and all still survive.  Eight companies are active in the program.  Three have entered the market, while the others are still progressing.

If you have more questions, please contact us.

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