For Science and Technology Industry Entrepreneurs and Start Up Companies
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“The program is great. With the Manitoba Technology Accelerator program and other services, we can focus on invention and new products development. The Accelerator’s service is really helpful for a starting up company.”

– Michael Zhang, President of both Arterial Stiffness Inc and Triple 3

   “The Accelerator’s range of services have been invaluable for Cubresa. They act as a sounding board in our areas of strength, and provide more direct support in areas where we need help.”

– James Schellenberg, CEO Cubresa

“Manitoba Technology Accelerator propels an inventor’s idea in the early stage of development to become a successful business with a global reach. The program offers its entrepreneur clients with services that cannot easily be found elsewhere in Canada. The services and guidance provided to the entrepreneurs and the great environment offered to them are encouraging for further innovation and creativity stimulation.”

-Ab Freig, CEO Triple 3

“The Accelerator is exceptional at helping their clients define and optimize the value they bring to a market place, and then find the people or businesses that want that the most.”

Cal Harrison, CEO Mentor

“Oftentimes the most valuable advice comes from lessons based on years of experience. Manitoba Technology Accelerator recognizes not only the need to provide commercialization resources to entrepreneurs but also to provide industry knowledge validated by the test of time.”

– Rick Workman, CEO Mentor

“Having a Manitoba Technology Accelerator team in place, helps the entrepreneur increase the probability of technical, marketing, operational and financial success for their novel product or service. The Accelerator fills in the skill and experience voids”

– Rob Amborsky, CEO Mentor

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