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01 Mar Baby Steps

Following the crawl, walk, run approach has been good for us in building a solid foundation of performance and outcomes to build on.  Now that we have established our program it is affording us the opportunity to look outwards more than we have in the past.  Currently we are looking to find other high performing organizations to collaborate with in an effort to build international market channels and attract foreign direct investment....

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09 Feb Customer Acquisition

We are always focused on customer acquisition.  The technology development and business activities are geared to securing customers.  This month we marked a milestone with $100,000 in revenue from China.  Learning how to bring the money across was important, but now we have another piece of infrastructure we can add to clients....

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31 Dec The importance of good people

December was a month of transition for us with 2 key team members leaving. When building up a program it is important to have the right model, recording and reporting structure.  However the people is what drives to success.  We were lucky to work with the people we have and look forward to bringing in new members to the team.  What rings true today however is the realization just how important people are in driving...

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26 Jul Raises

Two raises underway at MTA this month.  The rounds are closing fast because: good technology with early customer traction; and, our relationship based approach to investing.  There are no cold pitches done.  Instead founders and investors have worked collaboratively over the past months to shape the rounds.  We like to use this iterative process and it produces results....

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22 Jun Finish Lines

This month’s blog comments on a small screw up MTA had with a client and reminds of the importance of “knowing the finish line” before starting.  We invested into a med tech company without validating the stage of development we are required to reach before industry partners will engage us.  We raised $80,000.  Completed the project to great results, then reached out to partners with the results.  While all agreed the results were impressive, it...

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26 May Access to Capital

Manitoba was at one time a place where access to capital was non-existent.  This month, the National Angel Capital Organization (NACO) held their Western Summit in Winnipeg, in part to celebrate the investment activity now present in Winnipeg.  This is consistent with the MTA approach of reach performance targets and milestones first, then reach out to partners to celebrate.  In this space, nothing is given.  Everything should be earned....

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30 Mar Success has many fathers

“Failure is an orphan and success has many fathers”.  A key approach for incubators and accelerators is to be able to accept the failures.  But also, when there is success, ensure that it is shared and celebrated.  Incubators and accelerators are powerful tools but work best when collaborating with the other resources and assets a community can provide.  Our approach is working, and we thank the community partners who are helping us build world class...

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26 Feb Leadership

MTA has now assumed a leadership in Winnipeg’s community for growing start-ups and Winnipeg as a city is also embracing that Winnipeg can be its best driven by the growth and energy of start-ups   A focus on performance and Key Performance Indicators has helped all stakeholders unite around a shared vision and now, in Winnipeg, we are talking about building $100M companies.  Crawl, walk, run has been our approach, and we are now at a...

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29 Jan The MTA Model

The MTA model:  We first use local money to de-risk the company.  We confirm market demand and secure an alpha user / beta customer.  We understand our desired markets are not local.  Once we have early traction in a desired market, we pursue co-investment with local angels.  Our belief is that networks are exceptionally important, and the pursuit of smart money in desired markets provides our companies the best opportunity to gain a solid foot...

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30 Nov Congratulations Callia

Innovate Manitoba hosted Pitch Day this week.   One MTA client participated: Callia Flowers ( The winner of the event? Callia Flowers (   Conclusions: MTA continues to work with the most compelling technology companies that are creating jobs and wealth for our region.  That’s why we have doubled our KPIs of jobs growth, revenue growth and capital investment each year for the past three years.  That’s why reporters like those from the Globe and Mail, Winnipeg Free Press...

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