A Broader Focus - The Accelerator Program
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A Broader Focus

05 Jun A Broader Focus

MTA is now considering broadening our focus.  After 5 years of focusing specifically on building companies we are now branching into the Start-Up Visa Program and facilitating market expansion of early technology into China.  Worth noting is that these new program streams are incremental to the foundation of our success in building companies.  This follows a pattern of behaviour articulated by Geoffrey Moore through his books Inside the Tornado and Crossing the Chasm.   Specifically, MTA’s beach head was the ability to help grow early stage companies – a position we fought long and hard to build.  Now we are going to build off of this beach head and expand our scope and reach.  The lesson I see is that success is earned.  Relentlessly focus on achieving success with one specific issue.  Then build outwards from that.  Our experience is to stay away from top down, macro, be everything to everyone plans.

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