Growth and the Start-up Visa Program - The Accelerator Program
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Growth and the Start-up Visa Program

15 Aug Growth and the Start-up Visa Program

This month MTA is beginning our Start Up Visa program with the aim of bringing world class talent to Manitoba and opening the possibility for accelerating our efforts to make Winnipeg the Start-Up capital of Canada.  What serves us well in determining if this extension of our activities is within scope is the two key mandates MTA now has: 1) Grow more $100M companies in Manitoba, and 2) Make Winnipeg the Start-Up Capital of Canada.  We had the ability to measure the merits of participating in the SUV program against those two key statements.  In both cases, the answer is yes, participating in the SUV program can further our efforts against both statements.  The point is this: having a key purpose to your business incubator can help guide strategic decisions and maintain focus for the organization.

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