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31 Mar Manitoba meets Saskatchewan meets NW Ontario

MTA organized a call with 5 other incubator / technology Commercialization organizations focussed on organizations in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and NW Ontario. What emerged was that the organizations have more similarities than differences. Each has some specific strengths and each some holes to fill but it was interesting to see how each organization has somewhat independently ended of at similar spots. Looking forward all organizations have agreed to continue to share challenges and successes with an...

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20 Feb Connecting in Cambridge

This past week I was in Cambridge building connections and relationships for MTA client companies. I was struck by the mass of activity from technology to Angel to VC. There are about 20 Angel groups active in the region and they seemingly have a good level of communication, collaboration and deal syndication. This is a stark contrast to the Winnipeg experience where there are no local Angel groups to syndicate with. What was encouraging however was...

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12 Jan The Importance of First Customers

A core belief of MTA which we impress on our start-ups is the importance of a first customer. A first customer forces the company to build a product, forces the company to consider service and maintenance issues, logistics, how to secure payment. In other words, it is a great pilot project for the full business. That of course is in addition to the validation that someone else will give you money for your product or...

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