For Science and Technology Industry Entrepreneurs and Start Up Companies
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Business Coaching, Mentoring, & Active Participation

Even in the very early stages of your start-up, our business coaching, mentoring and active participation services will help you plan and execute a strategy for long-term business success.

You will be supported by a team of experts:

  • A CEO Mentor
  • A CFO Mentor
  • A General Business Advisor
  • A Business Development Coordinator
  • Accounting Experts
  • A network of local and national associations

Our team will actively help you with:

  • Business Planning and Development
  • Feasibility, Proof of Concept and Budgeting
  • Identifying Milestones and Success Metrics
  • Identifying Resources Needed
  • Identifying Quality and Regulatory Requirements
  • Identifying and Defining Key Markets
  • Product Development
  • Personnel Development
  • Corporate Development
  • Specialized Training
  • Market Introduction and Growth Planning
  • Sales Strategies
  • External Reviews
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