For Science and Technology Industry Entrepreneurs and Start Up Companies
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Business Financing and Investment


The Accelerator Program costs $1,000 per month. We work hard to keep this number as low as possible, as a way of investing in your business success.  As an investor in your company, Manitoba Technology Accelerator will take 1% equity every 90 days to a maximum of 5%. The Accelerator will accept debt notes as payment for the $1,000 monthly fee. Your debt becomes due upon reaching one of our three repayment events:

  • Entering the Market
  • Securing Investment or
  • Acquisition

This pricing model ensures we are a fully committed partner in helping you achieve business success.


The Manitoba Technology Accelerator is fortunate to work with a dedicated group of Angel Investors called the Manitoba Knights.  This group of individuals provide The Accelerator and its clients:

  • Investment opportunities screened by three filter presented to a group of independent investors representing +$10,000,000 of available equity investment.
  • Interested investors in Manitoba-based, early stage technology companies with high-growth potential.
  • No long-term or pooled commitment.  Each investment is made on a deal-by-deal basis by the investor.
  • Deal validation supported by Harry Ethans.  This is the final filter to confirm a deal is investable per established criteria, and before a presentation is made to the Knights.
  • An opportunity for investment in Manitoba’s most promising early stage companies with minimized follow on time and management support requirements.
Apply for the business incubation program today.