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Arterial Stiffness Inc.

One Line Pitch:  Arterial Stiffness Inc. (ASI) has developed a portable and non-invasive device that identifies the amount of plaque in a person’s vascular system and compares that score against an age-based population database to determine at risk factors for cardio vascular disease. 

Business Summary: ASI will sell our device as a Tier 1 medical device to doctor offices. We will also earn revenue with a monthly subscription pricing model.  A reimbursement code is available for U.S-based doctors and hospitals in China.


Marshall Ring, interim CEO.  CEO of a nationally recognized med-tech business incubator.  Experienced technology executive and investor.   

Joe Shaw, US GM.  A med-tech veteran with 20+ years’ experience.  

Customer Problem:  Atherosclerosis (hardening of arteries) happens as people age.  Premature therosclerosis has a prevalence of +60% in North America.  Therapeutic intervention is possible, but early diagnosis is not practical.  Atherosclerosis has no noticeable symptoms.  The first symptom of atherosclerosis is a heart attack or sudden cardiac death (death within one hour of onset of the symptom). This is true for 65% of men and 47% of women (US Data).     

Product / Services:  ASI has developed an Arterial Stiffness Measurement Device (ASMD) which is a portable non-invasive, device that clips onto a person’s fingertip.  The device then measures the person’s digital volume pulse (DVP) to generate a value of stiffness index (SI) which is used to calculate arterial stiffness.  

Market Value Propositions:


  • Affordable, non-invasive, quick and accurate.


  • Faster method to test for atherosclerosis.
  • Lower cost per test.
  • Comparison to population health databases.
  • Skilled labor not required.

Sales/Marketing Strategy:  Strategic distribution relationships that leverage existing sales channels.

Business Model:  SaaS.  Low capital cost for device then monthly subscription fee. 

Competitive Advantage:  Lower cost per use, no technician required, less time per test, small physical footprint. 

Accomplishments: Pre-clinical testing from three labs verifies equivalency to FDA cleared device. Early customers on board. Secured Angel investment for next tranche milestone.

Competitors: Competing products are in the market.  Two examples are SphygmoCor and Bio Cell.  SphygmoCor is a $25,000 device positioned to sell into pharmaceutical testing markets, hospitals and clinics.  Bio Cell is aimed at individuals interested in their own health, and holds no FDA status. Based on their product features and pricing, ASI has significant advantages for the Tier 1 medical market.  Further, ASI possesses competitive advantages in the core markets of our competitors.

Next steps: Acquire FDA approval. Raise $1 M. Have marquee customer use device.

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