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Callia Flowers

One Line Pitch: Callia is the best, new way to send flowers, in fewer than five clicks.

Business Summary:  Callia is an online flower delivery service with no storefront. We deliver high quality, long lasting bouquets directly to the consumer at a cheaper price than the traditional mom and pop florist.

Customer Problem: The florist industry traditionally has had a very difficult ordering and delivery process that required extensive consumer interaction. Callia simplifies this process without compromising on quality or customer satisfaction. 

Product/Services: Callia does not just sell flowers, but also an experience. This begins with the arrival of Callia’s signature blue box, which is only the beginning of Callia’s luxury packaging. Callia hand selects the highest quality, seasonal bouquets of the freshest flowers and ensures customer satisfaction with a 100% Happiness Guarantee. 

Market Value Propositions:

  • Easy ordering – 5 clicks online and done
  • High quality at a cheaper price point
  • Fresh flowers – last for weeks
  • Luxury experience – hand-tied bouquets with premium packaging

Target Market/Customers: Callia’s target market includes consumers, corporations and weddings.

Sales/Marketing Strategy: Callia’s marketing strategy includes organic and sponsored Facebook and Instagram content, as well as advertising on search engines like Google.

Competitive Advantage: High quality, long-lasting flowers that can be easily ordered for less than the florist down the street.

Competitors: Traditional brick and mortar florists and other online florists.

Next steps: Become a national brand by expanding East into Ontario, Quebec and The Maritimes.

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