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One Line Pitch: Fannex enables venues and live entertainers an opportunity to more deeply connect with the audience through smart phones.

Business Summary:  Fannex sells software licenses and charges custom development fees to venues wishing to offer the Fannex suite of services.  Fans can now use their phones and be an active part of the event. 


  • Kemal Leslie has over twenty years of business development experience both as a business owner and as a manager at international companies such as GE. He has extensive experience in management, sales and marketing, IT, and finance.
  • Bob Kujanpaa has over 20 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. He has been the architect of many enterprise class networked systems across North America.

Customer Problem: Entertainers and sports franchises are looking for ways to interact with their fans, increase consumer intimacy, and to engage the consumer to encourage repeat ticket purchases and enhance their experience during the event. 


Fans used to go to music concerts and hold up lighters.  Now they hold up cell phones.  Fannex takes independent smart phones, and connects them like pixels to form larger pictures.  For example, concert goers can use their smart phones to create a fireworks effect in the stands at a time programmed by the special effects producer.  At hockey games, the teams’ logo can be mapped out in the stands during player introductions.  The producer of the event selects the mobile visual effects and interactive games to execute in line with a show, game time outs and intermissions.

Market Value Propositions:

  • Enhanced fan engagement and entertainment value
  • Revenue generating opportunity (team sponsors)

Target Market/Customers: The target market is the event host (sporting teams, entertainers) who wish to increase consumer experience and intimacy, and/or the advertisers looking to communicate their message and presence to a uniquely engaged and sought after demographic.

Sales/Marketing Strategy:  Minor league teams to be secured primarily.  The metrics attained will be used to build onto teams on professional levels (NHL, NBA, etc.)  The use of sponsors will also be an entry point into the venues.

Competitive Advantage:  First mover advantage.  Advertising companies are looking for innovative ways to capture consumer attention to their brands and Fannex combines a unique visual and interactive experience with fans through mobile.

Accomplishments: Completion of the first system build and establishment of a trial partner (University of North Dakota)

Competitors:  Companies that are using other methods to achieve similar effects (ex. Wiring an arena with LED paddles in each seat, Proprietary wireless hardware to be supplied at events.)

Next steps:

  • First commercial release, Spring 2014
  • Sports venue license marketing.


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