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Simvergent Technologies

One Line Pitch: The company has invented a device that reduces the cost and risk of simulating, testing and modelling power systems.

Business Summary:  WR_HIL assists power providers model, optimize and test the components, controllers and protection systems internally and securely with external utilities.

Management:  Mohammad Golkhah is an electrical engineer PHD student at the University of Manitoba.

Customer Problem:  Power grid hardware manufacturers and power grid managers need to simulate and test controllers, relays and power systems to ensure they are working properly before selling or attaching to a live power system.  Current testing method is large and expensive and must be physically attached to the device being tested to ensure accurate results. This limits the amount of simulation which is possible due to cost.

Product / Services:   WR_HIL can be test hardware remotely and does not need to be physically attached to the device being tested. The device consists of a software program with waveform relaxation algoithims, and a computer to run the program. We will use this system to help test, simulate and optimize relays, controls and power systems in a fee for service model.

Market Value Propositions: 

  • Reduces cost –  WR_HIL will cost significantly less.
  • Reduces risk – Can deploy different commercially available optimization algorithms to automatically optimize the parameters of a controller. Efficient detection of faulty controllers.
  • Confidentiality – Power providers do not need to disclose confidential information to combine simulation cases.

Target Market: Power Providers (Manitoba Hydro) who want to model and simulate their grids and Relay/Controller Manufacturers (ABB) who would like to test and optimize newly manufactured systems.

Sales/Marketing Strategy:  Direct to power grid managers for first customers, leverage strategic relationships with manufacturers to penetrate existing sales channels.

Business Model:  Capital sales of testing device, fee for service every time the software is engaged to provide test results.

Competitive Advantage: 

  • Test protection systems for cheaper
  • Can test multiple hardware systems that are geographically disbursed
  • Can communicate simulation and hardware waveforms through the internet, LAN or wifi instead of having to be physically connected to the hardware.
  • Automatically optimizes parameters of a new or existing power system controller.


  • Proof of concept, patents filed.
  • Secured first round of funding to build prototype version 1.
  • First customer engaged for pilot.

Next steps: Build Prototype V1 for pilot by marquee customer.


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