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Triple 3 Biotechnology

One Line Pitch: Triple 3 has developed a process for extracting Type II collagen – a protein which is used as an essential ingredient in the skin care and joint health remedies.

Business Summary: Produce and sell Type II Collagen to distributors for use in functional foods or in capsules and as a protein enhancement (for use as a food ingredient).   Products will be sold as basic ingredient  to wholesalers, and manufacturers/distributors of consumer products.

Management: Ab Freig graduated with Master of Science Degree from University of Manitoba with more than 29 years of extensive business experience at the executive level.  Former President and CEO of The Puratone Corporation which was the second largest hog production companies in Canada.

Customer Problem:  There is a growing international market for the consumption of protein in both product forms.  Collagen Type II is being consumed in capsule forms as well as being used in cosmetics.  Protein additives are increasingly used in foods such as packaged soups.  Increasing world populations along with a relative increase in healthy lifestyles is creating large global demand for high quality protein supplement for use in the nutraceutical and functional markets .

Product / Services:  Leveraging a patent-pending hydrolyzed continual flow process, Triple 3 will manufacture and market its high quality collagen to manufacturer/distributors of functional foods and nutraceutical supplements

Market Value Propositions / Target Markets:  Both products will be sold in bulk or as white-label capsules to target customers based on quality and it’s patent-pending Halal extraction process.   Initial market interest has originated from Asia (which will likely become the primary market target).  Asia accounts for more than 70% of the world’s demand for protein products.

Sales/Marketing Strategy:  Triple 3 has signed a purchase order from a key wholesaler in Malaysia for CCII.

Business Model:  Immediate term: Direct sales (white label) of Type II collagen to distributors in Malaysia.  Triple 3 will initially begin production at a pilot scale facility to establish a market presence prior to expanding manufacturing capacity.

Competitive Advantage:  Lower cost of production, access of raw materials, and a “made in Canada” stamp which equates to clean and safe food.

Competitors:  There is a high level of competition in this market.

Next steps:  Production to fulfill first customer order. 


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