Key to Success - The Accelerator Program
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Key to Success

29 Nov Key to Success

Building Start-Ups is an art. There are core elements involved and fundamental principles, but the application of those are up to the practitioner. A key approach used by MTA to only get involved with good people. We want to work with people who want to do good for others without ever expecting anything good back. This idea of dealing with mensch’s (as referenced by Guy Kawasaki in Art of the Start) has resulted in a powerful network of local start-ups. As the start-ups are now growing up, and gaining VC interest, gaining mindshare, and entering the market, they are continuing to look out for each other and leverage their relationships and impacts. As I observe this, I think a key to incubator success is to focus on building a happy and cohesive house to set the stage for future success.

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