Prairie Brethren - The Accelerator Program
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Prairie Brethren

31 May Prairie Brethren

I had the wonderful experience of presenting an MTA client company to the Saskatchewan Capital Network (SCN), an Angel group from Saskatoon. What resonated was how similar but yet different we are with our prairie brethren. Saskatoon is home to a number of promising start-ups, with a focus on IT and mobile. The companies however are actively seeking management support and investment. One of the start-ups announced how lucky our companies were to be in Winnipeg where there was an accelerator able to provide advice and aggregate the start-ups together to form a community. One of the start-ups stated they will move to Winnipeg if MTA accepted them into the program. I think at all points we sometimes loose site of accomplishments and assets which are in our own backyard. The trip to SK really helped provide clarity on what people without some of the resources and infrastructure are missing and helped reinforce to me the need to ensure these core benefits remain available at the basic level to serve as a foundation for growth.

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