The Importance of Measuring your Successes - The Accelerator Program
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The Importance of Measuring your Successes

01 May The Importance of Measuring your Successes

We have now completed the KPIs for another year and I greatly encourage all organizations to identify, and measure, the things that are important to things. We measure jobs created, revenue earned, and investment secured by our clients and grads. Having the KPIs as a measurement tool helps focus our efforts during the year, and also provides a sound approach to measuring how effective we are. The results are very impressive and we continue to double our growth rate as we build high growth companies. Measurement is, therefore, a key essential to running any program effectively. Secondly, ensuring that the right people are in place and empowered to do the things they need to to drive the metrics is also important.
The last part of the approach, which works well, is engage with a Board to challenge the metrics and the approach to earning them.. This builds a continued improvement process into our organization and helps us crowd-source intelligence of people wanting to hep.

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